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Dr. Craig S. Fleisher’s 12-lesson course Fundamental Analysis Techniques is now live and accessible for Collaborator members in the RECONVERGE Network.

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How to Prepare for 2025’s Intelligence Technology

Nova Spivack, CEO and co-founder of Bottlenose, will discuss how the nature of data is changing from static to streaming and from structured to unstructured, and how present day big data analytics and intelligence tools weren’t designed for this new real-time data environment.

How to Drive High Performance Intelligence Teams

Is it possible to put your strategic, market and competitive intelligence function on a path toward higher performance? Are there any universal lessons to be learned from more experienced corporate practitioners that can be adapted and adopted to any program?

How to Drive Adoption of Intelligence Systems

Zena Applebaum and Chris Taylor share and discuss practical examples and techniques of engaging your existing audience and capturing the attention and knowledge of the audience that doesn’t yet understand the power of intelligence systems and technology.

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